Translesen bilong bel long Tok Inglis:



  • 1

    bel i bagarap to have an upset stomach, to need to go urgently to the toilet
    belpen / bel i pen stomach ache
    beltait / bel bilong mi i tait my stomach is full
    strongim bel to settle the stomach
  • 2

    givim bel to make pregnant
    i gat bel to be pregnant
    pasim bel (to use a) contraceptive
  • 3

    (emotions) heart
    belhat / bel i hat angry
    see bikbel (fat), tubel (doubt), wanbel(agree)
    man bilong belhat a hot-tempered man
    mi belhat long wanem PMV i no kam hariap I am angry because the public minibus didn't come quickly
    bel hevi / bel i hevi sad
    bel isi / bel i isi calm
    bel kirap / bel i kirap aroused
    mi lukim naispela meri na bel i kirap nogut tru I saw the beautiful woman and was really excited
    bel kol / bel i kol at ease
    tupela marit i bin pait moa, tasol nau bel bilong tupela i kol the married couple used to fight a lot, but now they've reconciled
    bel kros / bel i kros angry
    bel pas / bel i pas sad
    bel nogut / bel i nogut sad
    bel i sori regret
    beltru / bel i tru faithful
    givim bel to love
    Pikinini bilong Man i save givim bel long yumi olgeta the Son of Man loves us all
    kolim bel to put at ease
    skelim bel to examine one's conscience
    skrapim bel to tease
    to provoke
    strongim bel to gird one's loins
    to convince
    sutim bel to tease
    to provoke
    tanim bel to convert, to change one's way of thinking
    em i tanim bel long nupela lotu she converted to a new religion