Translesen bilong tambu long Tok Inglis:


a taboo

  • 1

    a taboo
    no ken brukim tambu do not break the taboo
  • 2

    to restrict
    to not allow
    to forbid
    tambu tru long smok long opis there is a total ban on smoking in the office
  • 3

    a restricted place
    a sacred place
    to be tabooed
    dispela raunwara em ples tambu we yumi man nating i no inap go long en this lake is a sacred spot where ordinary men like us may not go
  • 4

    em i tambu bilong mi he is my in-law
  • 5

    shell money
    ol Tolai i yusim tambu long maket bilong ol the Tolai people accept shell money in their markets
    also "tabu"